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Interested in being a pilot in the Civil Air Patrol? That's great--we need you!

As you probably know, to be ANY kind of pilot takes a lot of 

  • dedication
  • training
  • hard work
  • time
  • family/friends support
  • and even some money

If you already hold a Private Pilot or greater certificate, you are already well on your way to the goal of being a CAP pilot.

CAP pilots are licensed by the FAA. Moreover, pilots must meet additional requirements set by CAP.

For powered aircraft, they will have over 200 hours as pilot-in-command in the class of aircraft they’re flying (or 100 flights in the case of gliders). Further, all pilots will have

  • passed an annual written exam that tests their airmanship
  • passed an annual check flight with a CAP check pilot
  • demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the cadets’ flight syllabus
  • and received the approval of their wing commander.

In short, CAP requires much more from the pilots who fly your spouse, son or daughter than the federal government does.

Thank you for your interest! This is an opportunity to use your talents and skills to serve our community and our nation. It's also a great way to have fun and make like-minded friends.

Start HERE with the CAP Pilot On-boarding page.

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