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Mishap Reporting

Mishap Reporting

Step 1 - Notification
Immediately notify the following via phone - contact the below individuals in the order listed until a report is made:

1.   Squadron Safety Officer(s)

a. 2d Lt Rick Couch
2d Lt Jon Niccoli
c. 2d Lt Maria Baez-Diaz

2.   Squadron Commander, Capt Jenny Knellinger

3.   Group III Safety Officer, Lt Col Mike Fay

4.   Wing Safety Officer, Maj Kristine McGovern

5.   Wing Commander, Col Celeste Gamache


Step 2 – Initial Report


1.   Log on to eServices

2.   Go to SIRS

3.   Select File New Mishap

4.   Complete the following fields

a.   Type (aircraft, vehicle, body injury, facility/property)

b.   Date

c.   Local Time

d.   Location

e.   Notification (police, FAA, other)

f.    Related Medical (first aid, ambulance, ER)

g.   Damage (substantial – yes or no)

h.   Brief Description

5.   Click Submit


Step 3 – Mishap Update within 48 hours

1.   Log on to eServices

2.   Open Mishap Worksheet and fill out appropriate information\

3.   Open Update Mishap and find the Mishap Number

4.   Enter appropriate Mishap details

5.   Click Submit


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