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PPSS Duty Assignments

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Pikes Peak Senior Squadron
Assigned Duty Positions as of 06 MAR 2020
Area Duty Assignment Name
Command Section Commander:  Capt Jenny Knellinger
  Deputy Commander for Seniors:  Lt Col Richard Couch
  Deputy Squadron Commander:  Maj Carlos Mena
  Health Services Officer:  Capt Steve Denning
Aerospace Education AE Officer:  1st Lt Alex Bendoyro
Chaplain Chaplain:  (vacant)
CDO Character Development Officer Maj Wayne MacKirdy
Communications Communications Officer:  Capt Larry Gilliam
Emergency Services ES Officer:  Capt Robert Waterman
  ESTraining Officer:  Capt Robert Waterman
Financial Management Finance Officer:  1st Lt Douglas Parrish
Information Technology IT Officer:  Maj William Watson
Logistics Logistics Officer:  Maj Frank Clark
Supplies Supply Officer:  Maj Frank Clark
Transportation Transportation Officer:  Maj Carlos Mena
Maintenance Maintenance Officer:  Capt Jon Bucher
Public Affairs Public Affairs Officer:  Capt Jenny Knellinger
  Recruiting & Retention Officer:  (vacant)
Operations Operations Officer:  Lt Col Richard Couch
  Alerting Officer:  2d Lt Sarah Davis
  Stan/Eval Officer:  Lt Col Leslie Cox
Personnel Personnel Officer:  Lt Col David Micheletti
  Administrative Officer:  Maj William Watson
Professional Development Prof. Dev. Officer:  1st Lt John Chesi
  Testing Officer:  1st Lt John Chesi
Safety Safety Officer:  Lt Col Richard Couch
Orientation Flights O'Flight Coordinator:  Maj Robert Hubiak
sUAS Program DOU:  Maj William Watson


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