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ES Training

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"ES Training" [Emergency Services] is where an airman receives training for the everyday duties of being a CAP member.
There are Specialties to become proficient in, such as those listed below.

  • All flight crew training requires the appropriate GROUND SCHOOL.
  • Credit for ground school and flights require Commanders approval in eServices
  • Ground school training schedule is on the PPSS Calendar
  • To request training flights after ground school, CLICK HERE
    • The Flight Coordinators will automatically be emailed and will contact you to arrange a flight.

For Training Materials, click on one of the links below to view the training materials for each specialty.

These links will take you off this site to the PPSS OneDrive.

  1. Mission Pilot
  2. Mission Staff Assistant
  3. Mission Scanner
  4. Airborne Photographer
  5. Mission Observer
  6. Mission Radio Operator 
  7. Mission sUAS pilot/technician

Other training materials from NESA (National Emergency Services Academy)

The Garmin VIRB camera is not a specific Specialty, as all Aircrew members should know how it works and how to operate it. Here are the training materials for the VIRB.

To express your interest in ES training classes, please let us know by clicking

===>  HERE  <===

and completing the form.

The above link IS NOT a class registration...

...it is only a tool to express interest in a class so that we will be able to efficiently schedule the classes.


Official class registration links are found on the Squadron Calendar.

Skills Evaluator Training [SET]

§  The latest SET training is here

§  SET exam







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